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landmark landscape company can transform your outdoors!

Landmark is a one of a kind landscape company. Whereas, most landscaping companies focus on getting from project to project, Landmark does things a little differently. We like to put all of our focus on the customer as well as their vision. When we say vision we mean the one they have for their outdoor… read more

landmark custom lawns can change the look of your home!

Landmark is becoming the most used custom lawns services around. We are a unique and one of a kind company that works its hardest to give you the outdoor landscaping you have always hoped for. Our professional lawn designers come up with what looks best and fits with your home. However the vision you have… read more

Lehigh Valley Landscape Contractor Who Can Create What You Envision!

Work closely with a landscape contractor who gets what you want. We believe that outdoor living spaces should be prominent and distinguished, but built to be lived in and designed to be affordable. The Lehigh Valley Landscaping Company can turn your furthest dreams for your outdoor area into a reality. Design Your dream landscape and… read more