Monthly Archives: August 2013

custom lawns are here at landmark!

Custom lawns are an option when you call landmark! One of a kind lawn care is just what you need this summer! Cotact us today and get a free estimate on your lawn!… read more

use landmark as your primary landscape contractor.

When you choose to work through Lehigh Valley, you will get the best maintenance and final product. We strive to bring the vision for your outdoor area to life. Don’t sacrifice your vision for a company who is just interested in getting on to the next job. Pick Landmark for your next landscape contractor.… read more

You Can Get Custom Lawns At Landmark!

When we say vision we mean the one they have for your outdoor area. We will try our hardest to create for them exactly what they want and desire in an outdoor space. Lehigh Valley Construction has the means and the tools to give you just this. Your vision is important to us at Landmark;… read more

landscaping designs are unique here at landmark!

We can come up with what looks best and fits with your home and create amazing landscaping designs. However the vision you have for your home is our number priority. We believe that it is important for you to have a space that you love and are excited to come home to. Lehigh Valley Construction… read more