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Designing Custom Lawns in the Lehigh Valley

If you’re looking for more than just a patch of grass in front of your home, Landmark Landscape Contractors can create the showpiece custom lawn that will make your home a place of pride. We also offer Spring and Fall lawn clean up programs and lawn fertilization programs. We can help you get that custom… read more

custom lawns are here at landmark!

Custom lawns are an option when you call landmark! One of a kind lawn care is just what you need this summer! Cotact us today and get a free estimate on your lawn!… read more

You Can Get Custom Lawns At Landmark!

When we say vision we mean the one they have for your outdoor area. We will try our hardest to create for them exactly what they want and desire in an outdoor space. Lehigh Valley Construction has the means and the tools to give you just this. Your vision is important to us at Landmark;… read more

Get Custom Lawns From Landmark!

Here at Landmark, we strive to be the most professional landscaper around. We believe it is important to have an outdoor area that accentuates the beauty of your home. In order for you home to look its utmost best, your landscaping must be a number one priority. When you choose to work through Lehigh Valley,… read more

landmark custom lawns can change the look of your home!

Landmark is becoming the most used custom lawns services around. We are a unique and one of a kind company that works its hardest to give you the outdoor landscaping you have always hoped for. Our professional lawn designers come up with what looks best and fits with your home. However the vision you have… read more

Get custom lawns no other neighbor will have.

Our designs are one of a kind and offered at an affordable price. Here at Lehigh Valley Construction, we offer our services at an unmatched price! Make quality changes to your outdoors with the landscaping company that does it the best. We can wait to bring your visions to reality.… read more

Custom Lawns from Lehigh Valley Landscaping!

Looking for custom lawns or a unique look for your outdoor living areas? Landmark offers premium service! At Landmark Landscape Contractors we offer a full range of professional landscape services. We believe that outdoor living spaces should be prominent and distinguished. However they should be built to be lived in and affordable.… read more