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Full Service Landscape Company in Lehigh Valley

Landmark Landscape Contractors is a full service landscape company serving clients in and around the Lehigh Valley. We offer a full range of professional landscape services. From professional landscape deign, to plantings and trees, to landscape maintenance programs, Landmark Landscape Contractors is your one stop shop for landscaping, lawn, yard, backyard, and garden care.… read more

landmark landscape company can transform your outdoors!

Landmark is a one of a kind landscape company. Whereas, most landscaping companies focus on getting from project to project, Landmark does things a little differently. We like to put all of our focus on the customer as well as their vision. When we say vision we mean the one they have for their outdoor… read more

landmark landscape company gets you!

Hoping to find that landscape company who really gets what your envisioning for your outdoor space? Our staff of design professionals is dedicated to creating the landscape that best achieves your goals through a mix of imagination, creativity and careful planning. Give us your initial idea and we will do our very best to turn… read more

choose the landscape company who provides quality work

Lehigh Valley landscape company can tranform your current outdoor space for an affordable price. We believe that all outdoor living spaces should be distinguishe and unique. With Lehigh Valley you will see your visions come to live. Soon enough you will have a space of your own that is custom to you and your property.… read more