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Beautiful Landscaping Designs for Lehigh Valley

Fall may be here and that of course means winter is coming, but it’s really a perfect time to begin thinking about your landscaping. This time of year, there is no pressure or rush to get things in the ground and you can focus on dreaming and planning. With so many images of beautiful landscapes… read more

Fall Is a Perfect Time for Landscaping Designs

Most people think about Spring for landscaping, but Fall is a wonderful time for landscaping designs because any plan we create for you can be “jump-started” now. It’s a great time for planting in Lehigh Valley because the top of the plant can rest in winter while the roots become established over the late fall… read more

Lehigh Valley Asks: How Do You Create Landscaping Designs?

When we’re working with new clients in the Lehigh Valley area, many people are curious about the process of creating landscaping designs. It’s actually a really fun experience for both Landmark Landscape Contractors and our clients. First we listen to your initial thoughts and ideas. Then we get to work bringing that vision to life… read more

get great landmark landscaping designs for your home!

Landmark landscaping designs can change the composition of your outdoor area. Landmark Landscaping here in Lehigh Valley has custom designs that we cant wait to share with the community. Start feeling better about your lawn and outdoor living space, Landmark can help!… read more

landscaping designs are unique here at landmark!

We can come up with what looks best and fits with your home and create amazing landscaping designs. However the vision you have for your home is our number priority. We believe that it is important for you to have a space that you love and are excited to come home to. Lehigh Valley Construction… read more

get unique landscaping designs when you work with lehigh valley!

Hoping to turn the look of your house around with one of a kind landscaping? Landmark has been serving up the local community with landscaping that is buzz worthy. Landmark landscaping designs from Landmark are available online in our look books! If you are looking for our landscape artists to create something that is completely… read more

landscaping designs from landmark are one of a kind!

Landmark is a one of a kind landscape company. Whereas, most landscaping companies focus on getting from project to project, Landmark does things a little differently. We like to put all of our focus on the customer as well as their vision. When we say vision we mean the one they have for their outdoor… read more